26th mar, 2010

LEGO have learned the spin game

Several years ago LEGO filed a lawsuit against a gallery called “Galleri Lego” in Copenhagen. They claimed that the name infringed the trademark. At the time they hadn´t done their homework too well because not only was the family name of the owner Lego but she was also related to a famous Danish Lawyer. So that made Lego look greedy and silly. 


Now Lego has sued a small US project – Project Legos – which is a charity project for children. Looks bad, but is actually handled very well by the company. 


Lego representative Charlotte Simonsen says that they do not like the lawsuit but has to in order to maintain the trademark strong. Furthermore she hints that the damages from the lawsuit could be used for charity. 


This is a very fine example of a balanced approach where your law book is in one hand and common sensibility and good business is in the other 

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