12th feb, 2010

Troll tactics against the trolls

When reading IP law & Business´s story about RTX I had to reread it and draw myself a picture. 

What is described in the article is a countermeasure against patent trolls (NPE) using troll tactics. Actually its brilliant when you get the concept. 


RTX is a company that acquire patents but does not produce anything itself…the markings of the patent troll. However RTX does not litigate the acquired patents but instead offers a subscription to all patents in its portfolio for defensive purposes. So when a subscriber is attacked by a patent troll he has an immense backlog of trolling patents. RTX identifies potential trolls and patents threatening their subscribers and purchase those patents (or the rights to the patents), whic creates a kind of pre-emptive dynamic. 


There is also an economic incentive in this deal. Subscription costs 4,9 mill $ a year, which is to be balanced against costs involving lawsuits. For the larger companies this is probably a bargain. The subscription does not eliminate the risk of attacks from trolls but will make them think twice. 


All in all an interesting concept.


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