9th feb, 2010

SCP (Slow Commitee on Patents) meeting

The DKPTO reports on their blog from the recent SCP meeting where the agenda (third year in a row apparently) was the future working program. 


One of the hot topics is Exclusions and Limitations to Patentability where a study is under way. Brazil however decided to jump the gun and have submitted their own proposal on the subject. Its a quite messy paper suggesting the establishment of a project mapping national exclusions and experiences with these exclusions. This is exactly one of the reasons why the international IP policy work is increasingly bi-lateral. Nothing gets done in the larger organizations. Everything takes years and years, everybody has their own agenda and the results are non-binding and in a distant future. Therefore it makes sense to continue developing IP policy and law with countries you have something in common with, as e.g. is done in the B+ group. 


One interesting document on the SCP list however is a paper on standards and patents. Seems like a good read. 

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