3rd feb, 2010

Danish Piracy Board Starts Its Work

Computerworld has an article on  the newly established piracy board. The purpose of the board is to formulate concrete solutions to problems with piracy. Participants are stakeholders from around the copyright organisations.

One of the board members from the Danish Consumer Council is worried that rightholders will try and tighten control and argue for a stricter legislation. He is worried that consumer rights will be trampled by a dying business model.

Thinking about the last part…the dying business model I came to that conclusion that the copyright business model is not dying…it is alive and unwell. Since the dawn of the Internet the death of copyright and associated business models have been spelled out…but the old business is still alive. Music companies still sell music, and books are being sold too. It took a while to go digital but that transformation is done. The difference between Itunes and ordinary CD´s is not that great. In both cases the customer buys a product and must respect certain rules. So the business model is doing well, besides from the widespread piracy.

I look forward to seeing the results of the Piracy board. My fear is that the recommendations will be general and unfit to do anything real about piracy. The reason is that rightholders will most likely work towards rules giving them more power to fight piracy, The IT and telecommunication stakeholders will not accept any changes giving them a gatekeeper role and the consumers will fight any threats to consumer rights. Everybody will defend their business model.

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