13th jan, 2010

Insight in a patent jurors mind

Some time ago I wrote about the i4i vs. Microsoft patent infringement case. MS has recently lost the case.

Business has struck gold with their interviews with 3 jurors in the i4i vs. Microsoft patent infringement case in Texas. They ask 3 of 8 jurors on the case why they found MS guilty of patent infringement.

The look into the mind of the deciding persons is very interesting, but also a bit scary.

One juror talks about MS not being believable and that they knew that i4i had the XML-software and went on to create their own version. This actually is not a problem if they use another method to achieve the same goal.

A second juror tells that since i4i´s founder testified and Bill Gates didn´t MS did not sound believable. And thats scary stuff. Instead of looking at the facts he is annoyed that Bill Gates does not show up. And why should he? He probably haven’t got much insight in the matter and would just be a puppet reading the prepared speech. And if he should go to all court cases involving MS his calendar would be stuffed with court dates. This juror also says that the i4i lawyer came off more “genuine”…so acting is a new skill at law school I guess.

The case is being appealed is the i4i vs. Microsoft battle is not over yet. Nevertheless MS has been preparing to remove the contested feature from MS Word. 

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