24th nov, 2009

Wise decision of Danish minister in Coca-Cola case

In the Danish newspapers today is a story where Coca-Cola asked the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration to stop an ad campaign. The campaign was targeted at young people and their consumption of sugary soft drinks.  The agency (or its ad agency) Thought up a campaign saying that young people should only drinking ½ liter soda a week. The ad (seen below) uses a bottle and red color very similar to Coca-Cola´s most well known product. Therefore they contacted the agency sayint that they felt that the campaign was a bit too close to their trademarks to their liking. The agency’s legal people thought this over and it was decided to pull the campaign.
  Now the opposition is mad at the Minister, because an expert (Johan Løje) is quoted saying that the campaign was completely legal since it didn´t have a commercial goal. The Minister is called to answer questions in this matter since the Social Democrats feel that the campaign was fine as it was.
Other that wasting the time of the minister and the poor ministerial employees preparing her answer I think the whole matter is out of proportion.
 It was a good idea to alter the campaign and thereby not single out a single brand. The ad agency of course should have thought of this. The campaign is not commercial but I think that using a well known brand in a public campaign is a problem. The reason is that there is a motive for using the Coca-Cola brand and that when commenting certain brands others are promoted (e.g. milk and water). Therefore the campaign takes on a more business like guise.
Hopefully when (and if) the Minister is called to ask questions in this matter it is clear to all why the decision made by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration was a good one.

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