7th okt, 2009

Article on open innovation

Via Creativity & Innovation I found an article in Strategy+Business by Booz & Co- “The Promise (and Perils) of Open Collaboration”. 


The article centers on how companies can embrace the open source ideology. S+B compares the open sourceidea to the quality movement of the 1980´ies – think the Toyota model. The quality movement according to S+B faced the same challenges as the open source movement does today. The barriers described by S+B are traditional hierarchal thinking and not tapping into internal innovation. 

To solve the problem S+B has drafted 7 points that you should consider when wanting to implement an open culture.

  • Craft a leadership message. 

  • Collaborate with your customers. 

  • Build a culture of trust and open communication 

  • Cultivate continuous improvement 

  • Build a flexible innovation infrastructure 

  • Prepare your organization for the new skill sets 

  • Align evaluations and rewards

Reading those principles I thought “of course!” not in the “wow that’s brilliant” kind of way but more in the “that’s obvious and that’s what all management consultants are saying” kind of way. That is the same message I have read and myself preached in dozens of presentations. 

So although the message is true it’s been said before and didn’t help out in the great question: What companies benefit from open innovation and what are the benefits? 

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