26th aug, 2009

SCO re-vitalized by court decision

In 2007 a District Court ruled that SCO did not own the rights to the UNIX code and thereby halted a billion dollar lawsuit against IBM.

Now that decision has been overturned, revitalizing all the would be dead lawsuits around that case. SCO is currently in bankruptcy court and has asked permission to sell the UNIX part of the company – but retain the rights to litigate in the pending lawsuits. That would make SCO a NPE (non-practicing entity) player on the market – or as some would dub it: a patent troll. This is supported by the fact that a private equity firm – Stephen Norris Capital Partners – has pumped a large amount of cash into the company, presumably after evaluating the possibility of success of the lawsuit. 


So the show that was closed down years ago now suddenly makes a reappearance and is sure to attract a lot of attention. 


Since the $99M SNCP loan/deal never took place, your argument is vapor.

In court, it has been established that Stephen Norris was on SCO’s payroll, to emit bogus deals to make the bankruptcy case drag on.

The Court has already refused to allow the most recent Stephen Norris “Unxis” proposal.

Thanks for that insight.
Groklaw has a very complete post on the SCO case

Still if someone is willing to pay for the Unix rights they could be sold, right? and if there is a case against IBM the trustee should persue the court case..right?

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