18th aug, 2009

Ray Ban too close for comfort

One of my favorite blogs is “You thought we wouldn´t notice“. Its the kind of blog where you save the news for the end of the day and a good cup of coffee to enjoy the posts. The blog tells about cases where original works are ripped off by others- plagiarism. 

In today’s Boersen (Danish newspaper) there is an interesting story about a Danish designer “Ørgreen Optics” who has been ripped off, not by Chinese pirates but by Ray-ban.

The top picture is the original from Ørgreen and the one below is the Ray-Ban rip off. That’s too close to be a coincidence.

Ørgreen claim to be honoured, but also say that they will go to court if the Ray-Ban product is not removed. An interesting feature on the Ørgreen website is that no products are shown on the site. This is on purpose to make it harder for pirates to rip the designs off. 

The story can also be found here.

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