6th aug, 2009

Success is an infringement lawsuit waiting to happen

Almost all successful new ideas or concepts are being dragged into the courtroom in infringement cases as soon as they reach a certain popularity.

The latest example of this is Twitter. During this summer the service has reached a very high popularity and dissimination. Now Wired reports that the company is accused of patent infringement by Techradium (located in Sugar Land Texas!). Luckily Wired reports that Twitter was aware of the risks of lawsuits and asked in an internal memo: “Should we get a great patent attorney”. The answer is of course: Yes, why haven’t you got one already

As a side remark the 3 patents (1,2,3) in question are not valid in Europe. And an interesting fact is that all three patents have the same priority claim (US20050117594 20050428). Så its going to be a race of time since Twitter was launched in 2006.

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