5th aug, 2009

A shift from prizes to invenstments for design winners

Danish newspaper Børsen has an interesting article (for the ones reading Danish) about how the Index award has changed its prize strategy. The strategy has been changed from a one off prize strategy where the winner takes home 100.000 euro to an investment strategy where the recipient is obligated to develop a business plan showing how the winning design will be commercialised.

The idea is to help improve the winning designs penetration on the market. 7 of the 10 Index winners are on the market today but the marketshare could be improved. As an example the 100-dollar laptop has only been distributed to 2 million people in a 500 million market.

I think its an interesting approach which will help the designers focus more on the strategy part after the creation of the design. Hopefully it will result in more designs that improve the life quality of us all.

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