8th jun, 2009

Danish double standards in relation to online piracy

”Its illegal but Ill do´it anyway”. That is the short version of an analysis of Danish adolescent’s position when it comes to pirating music. The analysis was published in the Danish paper Politiken and was done by students from the University of Aarhus. The analysis shows that 7 of 10 Danish youths downloads pirate material on the net even if 50% of them think that it is wrong.
  A guy that is interviewed by Politiken says that the only thing that will make him stop is the threat of lawsuits. Luckily Jesper Bay from the recording industry organization IFPI does not agree. He thinks that development of new alternatives to harsh punishment has to be developed.
 I agree with Jesper Bay completely. Lawsuits are needed but are not doing the job alone. Alternatives  should be developed by analyzing the reasons behind consumer behavior, preferably in a risk oriented approach. The only problem with this approach is that it will require the collaboration between public and private interests. The solution would be to establish a board carrying out analysis and leave implementations of recommendations to the parties involved. This approach however requires some systematic analyzing and follow up to the identified risks

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