28th apr, 2009

IP piracy apparently old news

Boing Boing has a fantastic post  (citing this site)on Canadian music pirates from 1897. The original story from 1897 is about Canadian music pirates distributing music in the US leading to a drop in sales of 50%. In the article it is claimed that in one month only 5 million copies of pirated songs were sold. The price of the pirated materials are about 5-10% of the costs of originals.

The funny thing is that there is a Pirate bay link to this 110 yr old article. The piracy was made possible by newspapers publishing lists of illegal music to be sold. The newspaper is paid by the pirate for distributing the illegal copies.

Unfortunately the article does not reveal if the activity was stopped other than a comittee of rightholders was formed. Anyone knows the end of this piracy story?

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