3rd apr, 2009

Swedish anti-piracy law is working

BBC and Danish newspaper Politikken reports that from day one the result of the new swedish copyright law was a reduction of internet traffic by 33%. This signifies that the regulation has a behavioral effect on the population. However, as a spokesman of the swedish pirate party points out that the numbers will climb again as people forget the law. This could to some degree be avoided by reminding people of the consequenses of the law, fx by lawsuits. And a lawsuit is already underway for at least one file sharer.

The Swedish book publishers used the new law to force an ISP to give informations of a user apparently sharing more than 3000 audio books. Such actions will help support the new law. Its a fine line though. Too many lawsuits against mr. and ms. Sweden (ordinary people) will protray the music or book companies as greedy. Therefore the strategy must be well balanced. Actually the private sector could learn from the public here. In Denmark the Tax Authority has worked with behaviour analysis for a few years with great success and increased compliance as the result.

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