6th jan, 2009

IEEE patent scorecard for 2008 is out

IEEE has published the annual scorecard indicating what companies did best during the year. Best is defined by both issued patents and up and coming patents- “the pipeline”. In the medical area Danish company Novo is number 15 in front of Pfeizer. Interesting company is UK company Ultra biotech. The company has only 21 patents to its name in 2007 but finishes second because of its pipeline power, and indicating a company to watch. In software Microsoft finishes first with a score more than 5 times higher than number 2 – SAP. Pretty impressive! In scientific instruments Danfoss finishes nr 15, but is showing a nice growth in pipeline. An interesting observation in semiconductor manufacturing is that Intel finishes first with a score of 2796 and a pipeline power of 0.96, Texas Instruments number 11 (672/0.85) and AMD number 20 (255/0.69)…This is a pretty hard indication of the future power between the 3 super powers. Pretty interesting reading so go play!


I am looking for Patent scoreboard for top 500 firms.

I havent been able to locate specific Fortune top 500 patent statistics. However Ocean Tomo has done some statistical work that might help you out


How can we obtain the top 500 Global Scoreboard (2000-2009) including Citation indices (if available)?

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