27th nov, 2008

Danish Pirate Bay case decided

Earlier this year a lower court decided that telecom company Tele2 was required to block its users access to The Pirate Bay. Wedensday the appeal case was decided and the result was the same. Tele2 is required to block its users from acessing The Pirate site, but there is some uncertaincy of how to do it. Therefore Tele2 is considering yet another appeal. On the other side of the table at IFPI there is hope that the case will rub off on the other ISP´s. Needless to say thar there are some pretty hefty comments on the various sites on the appeal case and IFPI.


This sounds so final. Don’t forget that all court proceedings so far have been pre-litigation, and that the real court case has not started yet.

More information here: http://www.piratpartiet.dk/node/32

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