9th okt, 2008

Magaging external patent specialists

Thompson Scientific has a nice article by Donal O’Connell is Director of IPR, Nokia, in relation to how you manage external patent specialists.

One of the reasons he gives for sub-contracting is getting the most skilled people involved in drafting your patents.

All types of patent work can be subcontracted (my personal note to that is that you have to evaluate whether you can achieve an economic benefit by sub-contracting along with the flexibility considerations)

The sub-contracting pitfalls described in the article are:

  1. Bad contracts
  2. Agreement on pricing (my suggestion would be to do pricing for each assignment – a framework for the assignment)
  3. Agreement on what work is to be done – part of the bad contract problem, but also for the individual assignments
  4. Governance of the work – you need to have people overseeing the work being done eg. QA

Recently I have been working a lot with organisations where informal procedures rule. This is harmful since it creates uncertainty and a lot of wasted ressources. Implementing systematic ways of working and clear goals helps a lot. Most succesful companies succeed in creating clear governance structures where all know their responsebilities. Thats not an IP specific observation, but when doing an IP driven organisation its key to success.



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