1st aug, 2008

Inventions from the minds of children

If you have kids you know what radical inventions they can come up with…for my part I have witnessed all kinds of lego cars which could both fly and sprout all kinds of dangerous things including flames and missiles. Children are highly imagininative and the USPTO wants to encourage this. Therefor they set up a website for inventions made by children – www.inventnow.org. Its a fantastic website! Some of my favorite inventions are: 

  • Microwave pants – This stylish pants can heat your legs up
  • Space suit shuttle -  a space suit made of 15 layers of elastic this unique space suit also has fold away wings and a trunk like compartment used for storing food

One thing I noticed on the site was that a lot of inventions try ans solve hunger and poverty problems in the developing world. The inventions are touching in many ways.

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