29th jul, 2008

More on outsourcing patent related work

Last week I wrote a post on outsourcing patent related work to India. I recently came across an article via Managing Intellectual Property about the same subject.

The article points out to the following areas as offshored IP services

  • Literature and prior art searches including searching databases, conducting freedom to operate studies, patentability and patent invalidity searches;
  • Patent portfolio analysis and landscaping services including overlap analysis and the creation of claim charts, valuation modeling and competitive intelligence – services pertain to mining and licensing patent portfolios that require deeper experience;
  • Patent proofreading and docketing – patent paralegal services;
  • Drafting patent application and technical disclosure and help with prosecution, including writing a preliminary draft of a patent application, helping with drafting amendments and drafting complete technical disclosures for quick conversion into patent office compliant patent applications.

That list is almost all the work of a normal patent agent. I am sure that this development alongside other issues like translations and centralized courts will force the patent advisor business to re-calibrate their business in another direction. Focus will be on how the IP supports the business and will require new skills and competencies of the advisors.

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