28th maj, 2008

Patents like this gives the system a bad name

A company in Singapore – VueStar - has been printing its own money in the guise of invoices sent to other companies claiming patent infringement. The patent in question relates to a “Method of locating web-pages by utilising visual images”. Basically its hyperlinking from pictures on websites. The priority date for the patent is 2000, which mean that prior art for the patent is massive. Seeing the search performed by the EPO reveals an xp document rendering the application almost worthless.

There are some media coverage in this as this is an example of how the system can be exploited by trolls and sharks. But in fact its only guys like me who has reason to serious concern because companies like this give the system a bad name


Too bad it is not granted by the EPO, that would have given the opportunity to show that the EPO is really granting software patents.

Do you know which application number is it at the EPO?

The WIPO page seems to indicate that it is applied in Europe as well:


The EP number is 1327207 A0

Actually. the EPO did not perform the search of the PCT application, the Australian Patent Office did.

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