20th maj, 2008

A new organization around IP in your company?


Reading one of my many haunts in the bloggosphere – First Thing Monday – I came across an article about a software company helping out companies in the brand protection area. New Momentum, as the company is called, has created software which can search the net for “potential counterfeiters, gray market sales channels, and some unsavory practices.” 


The story leads to the conclusion that companies of a certain size should have a Chief Brand Officer. I have analyzed different types of organizations and how they manage their IP and while I agree with the CBO thought I think you should take it even further. With IP constituting a still larger part of the value of companies this should be reflected on a governance level. Like IT, IP should be centralized and rooted in the top management – the CIPO? Chief IP Officer. This will allow the company to integrate its management of IP and make decisions which reflect the whole company and not just the different departments as it is today. 


I think the CBO/CIPO is a great idea. 

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