21st apr, 2008

Is copyright dying?

On the Computerworld website there is an interview with the former CEO of DR (Danish radio and TV)- Christian Nissen. 


He starts out by stating that the copyright as we know it is going to dissolve. He (or the journalist writing the interview) doesn’t elaborate on how and why besides the point that the system is complex. If that is reason for the demise of copyright, most legal systems would dissolve. 


What is happening is that IP is playing a still larger role in our lives and thereby adding to the rules we need to know. This mean that we will have to consider rules which are not necessarily new but are new for us to use. An example of this is when fx. KODA decided to approach shops playing radio a few years ago. The rules were the same¨, but to the shops they were new. 


So will IP/copyright dissapear? No, but their formulation will be challenged by new technologies, tendencies and the like. This requires us to be ready to change, not everything but details. 


The interview is quite disappointing.

And I agree that the new techonological reality will force a change in copyright. The absurd monopolies on reproduction will probably (hopefully) have to go. The right to recognition probably not. Maybe this is a detail.

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