31st mar, 2008

USPTO grants in free fall

In 2000 the allowance rate for the US Patent Office vas 72%, which contributed to the reputation as a pushover office issuing low quality patents. Since then the tune has changed – all aroun the world. One of the mail focuses in most patent offices today is quality. For the USPTO this have had a huge effect and resulted in a granting percentage of 44. IAM has a story on this subject on their blog. This mean that the grant rate of USPTO is the lowest of the trilateral offices (USPTO, JPO and EPO).

But what has caused this development? increased focus on “quality”….and what i by the way the definition of patent quality? Better processes for examination? Better personel? Or posters in every cubicle with font 200 letters screaming: When in doubt deny!

Hopefully its the first suggestions and not the latter, resulting in patentable inventions being denied.

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