11th feb, 2008

And the nominees are…

You might think that this is an Oscar posting but its in fact about the nominees for the WIPO DG chair.

The nomiated are:

  • Mr. José Graça Aranha (Brazil) – Currently Director for International registrations Dept. WIPO – law degree (IP as specialty.
  • Mr. Enrique A. Manalo (the Philippines) – Currently Undersecretary for policy, Foreign Dept. Phillipines – economist with a little IP experience in WIPO asssemblies
  • Prof. James Otieno Odek (Kenya), Currently Managing Director of KIPI – Professor of Law with quite some WIPO experience
  • Mr. José Delmer Urbizo Panting (Honduras) Currently member of permanent UN mission in Geneva – law degree and a lot of UN experience although not much IP relevant.
  • Mr. Yoshiyuki Takagi (Japan) Currently Executive Director strategic Planning and Policy Development WIPO – Chemical engineer.
  • Mr. Philippe Petit (France)- Currently Deputy Director WIPO, Law and political science and several ambassador posts (India, Sweden, Mauritius and UN)

So who will you put your money on? Do we dare vote for a Brazilian – will he tip the balance in favor of the developing nations? And is the same true for Honduras? With our experiences with the current DG disqualify the applicant from Kenya. Can we ever wote for a guy from France? That leaves the phillipines and Japan where Mr. Takagi is by far the most qualified…but do we need new blood in the organisation to flush out the current regime? Mr. Manolo is an Economist will he be able to get the organisation under control? Tough call. Maybe a controller/economist is not such a bad thing if accompanied by IP specialists?
Your Thoughts…


Ambassador Manalo is a former Permanent Representative of the Philippines to the UN in Geneva. He was well praised for his excellent and balanced Chairmanship of the WIPO General Assembly. I think he’ll make a good DG.

Actually I had also picked out Manalo as a good candidate because of his independence and economic understanding.

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