4th feb, 2008

Pirate bay “blocked” in denmark

Todays hot IT-IP topic in Denmark is the injunction in the County Court against ISP Tele 2 ordering the company to block the Pirate Bay. The site offers torrents which I know for my own browsing contains a large number of copyrighted materials eg. movies and music.

On Danish Computerworld the pirate loving readers are fuming over the blocking and the “Piratgruppen” calls the Pirate Bay the worlds largest distributor of culture. Actually I agree with Piratgruppen that the Pirate bay is one of the biggest cultural distributors…its just too bad that 95% of the content they distribute is illegal. Calling the block for censorship is probably an exaggeration since censorship is coupled with government…and courts are independent. The question is whether the blokking of 5% legal material will be enough to reopen access the torrent site?

The block is btw almost useless since there are several ways to circumvent the block, but it is going to be interesting to see if the court order holds.

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