14th jan, 2008

Worlds first record label using creative commons license is Danish

Several danish newspapers printed a story about a new danish record label – Urlyd -which urge its customers to take copies of its CD´s. The music is under a creative commons license.

 The record label tell very little of why they have chosen the CC license other than “Music is about emotions and experiencing, and the idea is that these should be freely shared without people being criminalized…The consumers must have freedom of choice. Thus it is the music lovers’ choice if and how they want to support the artist financially”

Besides from an ideological choice a form of free distribution can create a more wide distribution of the music than a traditional copyright regime would do. Lets hope some new artists will ebenfit from this initiative and go on to make a living from their art.

Two proud record label backers


Sounds great. It is probably not a “worlds first”, though? Magnatune and Jamendo have been around for a while.


congratulations to Urlyd on their CC releases!
there are actually some other labels operating on a similar basis: take PocketClock from Australia, http://pocketclock.org/, whose releases are under CC Attribution-Share Alike 2.0. it’s great to see such a dedication to sharing 🙂

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