27th dec, 2007

The big guns just got bigger

Patents are getting bigger, and not just when talking importance to business. Patently-O has done two surveys and searched 10.000 and 28.000 US patents for the surveys.

The first concern patent specifications, and show that the average number of words have increased dramatically since the mid-eighties. From around 4000 words to more than 7000 words in the specification.

The other survey show that the total number of claims in patent applications are also rising.

What does this mean? Well either the applicants are creating more complex inventions or they have more focus on the importance of getting all the details in the patent. I think its the latter of the two. With the focus on patents rising its important to describe your invention in the broadest possible way both to secure your own invention and to do some defensive damage – the calims may not survive but may serve as prior art.

Thanks to the nice guys at Patently-O for the very interesting surveys.

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