14th dec, 2007

How are the American universities doing ?

Every year the The Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) conducts a survey on how the American universities are doing in the IP-field. The 2006 survey is out now.

Interesting points from the survey are:

  • The amount of new patents is continuing its climb. in 2005 the universities filed 10270 new patent applications and this number increased by 11% to 11622. Sience 2001 the number of patents filed by universities has increased by 47%!!. This could be one of the factors driving the discussion of the anti-commons, ie. privatizing public funded research.
  • But what do they do with all those patents?? The survey shows that universities executed almost 5000 licenses and options in 2006. The interesting fact is that 48,7% of the licenses were offered to medium sized businesses. Large enterprises took 33,2 % of the licenses and start-ups 15,4%. So it´s not only the megacorps running away with all the knowledge. Also more than 60% of the licenses were non exclusive.

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